Dope Moms Events

Dope Moms isn't just a kick ass online community, we're also very into getting the F out of the house and meeting each other in person! Here you'll find our upcoming events and seminars where you can meet your new mat leave + beyond mama BFF. 


Babywearing Meetup

Join us for a meet up with seasoned wearers, weavers and novices alike. Bring your wraps, slings, and carriers and get help with adjustments and all your other wearing needs!

When: Jan 8 2020, 10:30am - 12pm

Where: Wild Child Coffee Project 

Price: Play admission


Dope Moms Do Cloth Diapers

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers! 

We're cutting the BS and getting straight to the point: how to's and questions about poop. Local charity, and dope moms, will be teaching us all we need to know.

When: Jan 12 2020, 1-3pm

Where: 100 Malvern Cres, Nepean



Core Exercises Workshop *SOLD OUT*

Get your move on and learn some valuable pelvic floor exercises and skills. 



Meaghan Ottawa Homes presents: Dope Drag Story Time *SOLD OUT*

That's right, a fucking Drag Story Time with none other than Miss Capital Pride herself, Adrianna Expose. 

It's gonna be lit. 


Dope Moms Talk Nutrition: Post Natal Edition

You can't survive on cheese curds anymore, I know, bummer. No worries though, nutritionist Lindsay Guthrie is here to talk food. Boob food. 

When: Jan 29 2020, 12-2pm

Where: Wild Child Coffee Project

Price: Regular Play Admission